Lesson Learned from “Life of Pi”

Last Saturday, I watched “Life of Pi” with my friend. I heard that this movie is recommended, as it is adapted from a book which has the same title. The author of the book is Yann Martel, and it was written long ago.

Life of Pi tells us about an orphan who has to spend 227 days in open seas with a Bengali tiger because of the shipwrecked. The ship was supposed to move his family and all of the animals (from the zoo) from India to Canada due to a crisis.

I must say this movie is a great entertainment for me. It is not only teach me about how to survive, it taught me other things as well. Like @VeHandojo said about this movie, “majestic visuals, yes. But I found myself so verbally spoon-fed with hikmah it got to my nerves.

Life of Pi taught me that to stay alive sometimes we need ‘dangers’. For Pi, it comes with a form of a tiger. He said, without Richard Parker (the aforementioned tiger) he would died. Richard Parker made him stay sane, stay aware with his environment and made him feel safe yet it is also a threat for him. The movie also taught me to keep my faith. To believe in God.

My favorite quote from this movie is

Even if it seems that God abandoned us, He is watching.” 


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